Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fullfill the Dream...keep dreaming.

In a time when Muska ruled the world, there were those of us in baggy jeans, brimmed beanies, and shoes that resembled a cross trainer, mixed with a Jordan; all the while having the best times we could on our skateboards. This video symbolizes my late teens, and the freedom that coincided with that time of roaming the highways looking for spots and new adventures. Muska was the man, Toan killed it, the Mad Monk was rad and hell (side note: Steve Olson was one of the first "pro" skateboarders I ever saw at a 2B demo in Winston Salem), and those little kids (who are grown ass men now) were blowing minds on the tech level and really opened the door for your now current professional MTN DEW rider. Just look at the way it was filmed, the blurred out fisheye's and the quick cut long lens shots mixed with flashing "this shit's got pop" ads laiden throughout the video. This is a true skate video and a wonderful dictation of the trials of the times. Skateboarding has changed quite a bit in the last 14 years. The videos are all as crisp and clean as any Hollywood motion picture, and while that is current and visually stunning, doesn't that call you to want for the days when videos looked like they were filmed by you and your friends goofing off in the culdesac at the end of your street? Perhaps it was just the tech of the time and it all may really match up in the grand scheme of things, but for me, these were the glory days, and this video was, in fact, the jump off.

Keep skating,



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  2. will jackson, my name is taryn murphy, and i knew you well once upon a time. we met at the limelight in myrtle beach when you were playing for end of all or fassw, i can't remember. i liked your tan knit shirt and you liked my hair. i would love to catch up. xo

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